Our last espectacle shows the band reaching its peak with the Stone txalaparta as a centerpiece of this unique musical concept.

Oreka means “balance” in Basque language and TX alludes to txalaparta


Oreka TX was founded by Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente and Igor Otxoa txalaparta players in 1997. The last ten years, although, Harkaitz has Mikel Ugarte as a txalaparta partner.

There have been 20 exciting years playing all around the world with great musitians as Kepa Junkera, Alaisdair Fraser, Motoko Hirayama, Aziza Brahim, Ara Malikian, Manu Dibango, Labeque sisters… and producing and taking part in many multidisciplinary projects.

Oreka TX has became a worldwide reference of txalaparta and basque culture due to their concerts in all continents and their energetic and impressive way of playing.

The txalaparta duo is usually accompaing by experience musitians in world music as Mixel Ducau (saxophone, alboka…), Iñigo Egia (bodhram, indian tabla, hang…) and Juanjo Otxandorena (bouzuki). The voice of Thierry is also included in some shows.


The txalaparta is a percussion instrument strongly linked to the Basque cultural identity. It is most often seen in the form of one or more planks of wood, mounted on insulating stands, played by two musicians who improvise simultaneously. This is the only known instrument whose rhythm and melody are played by two people at the same time. One player marks the rhythm, the other one breaks it, fractures it, neither mechanically nor precisely, but rather by creating something new, organic, and alive.

For OREKA TX txalaparta is not only an instrument, it is an attitude, a way of connecting and creating energy. The essential component of txalaparta is wood but Oreka Tx have experimented with using metal, marble and even ice versions.

The txalaparta is order and chaos, a balance between tradition and modernity, between erudite and primary blows, finesness and power.

Oreka TX- Orquesta Sinfonica de Euskadi



Nömadak TX tells the story of two musicians moving. Traveling with the txalaparta, a unique basque​ musical instrument that is played by two people. They arrive to India, Lapland, the Sahara and Mongolia to fuse their music with that of remote nomadic people. They cross frozen wastelands and deserts, on horseback in the mountains of Mongolia, playing music​ with ice in Lapland… They travel in search of sound, the sound of the world.
This experience became a multi-awarded documentary and a ground-breaking concert-journey.

The spectacle HERRITMO is built around the concept of ‘balance’ through dance, live music, singing and rural sports. The axes, stone, augers, saws, scythes inspire musical compositions. Also, the rhythmic movements of labor and the field are the inspiration for the choreography. An artistic and contemporary view for ancestral activities.

A spectacle that shows a​ fussion between the tradition and the modernity of the ​Basque culture. The show brings together 2 successful groups of the art scene of the Basque Country: Kukai dance company and the voices and percussion of Amaren alaba.  It ​becames in a meeting point​ between dance and music, roots and art.

TRAMA jaialdian izan ginen lehengo astean Bellver de Cerdanya herrian. Publikoaren laguntza izan genuen notaz nota txalaparta mendira eramateko! mila esker!!txa kun, txa .... ISEO!

Publicado por Harkaitz Mtnz Urriza en Jueves, 17 de agosto de 2017

The material Oreka TX uses to create their txalapartas comes from the forest. They want to thank the forest and they do it coming back with this material transformed in music.

  • Dulce Pontes
  • Pat Metheny
  • Phil Cunningham
  • Manu Dibango
  • Labèque sisters
  • Taraf de Haidouks
  • Aziza Brahim
  • La Bottine Souriante
  • RAI National Synphony Orchestra
  • Carlos Nuñez
  • Kepa Junkera
  • We are Standard
  • Basque Sinphony Orchestra
  • Bongar
  • Benjamin Taubkin
  • Häkon Konstad
  • Khusugstun
  • Alasdair Fraser
  • Skydance
  • Joji Hirota
  • Hendingarna
  • Kalakan
  • Hevia
  • Kukai Dance Company