When the Berlin Wall fell, the walls of separation were archived in the past.

However, reality says just the opposite. There are more walls than ever. Thousands of kilometers of fences, bars, creeks and walls are found throughout the planet.

This movie focuses on the true stories of the people who live on both sides of these very different walls. They are close living stories that reflect that the same hope, fear, thought, emotion and desire for survival are shared on both sides.

Walls tells the stories of eight people who live around the three walls. The film has been shot on the borders of Zimbabwe, the United States, Mexico, Spain and South Africa.

It has had the support of MEDIA (European Program), ICAA, Government of Navarra, Basque Government and EITB and VeoTV (Discovery Max) televisions. On the other hand, it has also been presented at international film festivals: the “DOCSDF” festival in Mexico, the Cannes Film Festival and the San Sebastián Film Festival.


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