SILEX In this show, Oreka TX puts different instruments to dance around the stone txalaparta. The preview of the show took place at the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic and at the WOMEX.

And why Flint?

Flint was used in prehistoric times to make fire and to hunt.

It was very useful; stone crashing against stone, arrows, axes and was used to make knives.

Man, in large part, owes him much of what he is today. By sharpening this material, we learned to fine-tune the rhythm of life; stone against stone, in collision, until the spark of fire was achieved over and over again. In shock, however, there is another element that is not fire, sound. In this journey we begin to convert sound into rhythm, rhythm into melody and, finally, melodies into harmony. In this work process we have traveled that path that is from “sharpening” to refining, mainly using stone txalaparta.



Musicians: Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente, Mikel Ugarte, Iñigo Egia, Juanjo Otxandorena, Mixel Ducau

Lighting design: Carlos Solano

Sound design: Mikel F Krutzaga


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