‘Hostoak’ is a project that combines song, music and dance. Oreka TX, Kukai Dantza Taldea and Amaren Alabak’s polyphony have wanted to join in this dialogue between arts. It is noteworthy that all these artists are exemplary in their respective disciplines, insofar as they have developed from the tradition of Basque culture and have developed contemporary contemporary approaches. Through this stage show, an attempt has been made to unite music and song around dance. On stage, dance shares the stage with music and singing, and also has to tackle a difficult challenge, because it will have to make these two expressions exceed their limits, coinciding with the movement and the choreographies. It is, therefore, a matter of breaking the limits of these arts, all of which have been made easy to mold so that they expand in a reciprocal game, beyond the strict limits of their definitions. Thus, the instruments are part of the dance choreographies, while singers and musicians dance like palos de la txalaparta.


The show looks to the roots of the past, but also to the future. Following this upgrading purpose, the members of Oreka TX have created an instrument called a ‘tututophone’, which makes a bass sound similar to that of bass. In addition, we bring the innovative vocal games of Amaren Alabak, who in addition to updating the Basque songbook have incorporated several Castilian and Occitan songs, as well as the project created by Kukai to unite traditional and contemporary dance. All of this is complemented by a series of images created live that somehow embrace the show. The ‘Hostoak’ project is rooted in the Basque tradition, but different shapes, colors and types of leaves will emerge from the branches of this trunk, creating and evoking feelings and emotions of various kinds. Some have been created specifically for the singing show and others are arrangements of traditional songs. Among others, we will listen to the lyrics of Etxahun Iruri, Xaldador, Beñat Mardo and Mixel Etxekopar. The show ‘Hostoak’ has traveled from city to city, filling all theaters and receiving a warm and emotional reception from the public.




Song: Maider and Garaxi Bedaxagar, Luixi Agergarai, Arantxa Camus, Ihitz Iriart and Maika Etxekopar

Music: Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente, Igor Otxoa, Mikel Ugarte, Iñigo Egia, Mixel Ducau and Juanjo Otxandorena

Dance: Jon Maya, Ibon Ugarte, Alain Maya, Urko Mitxelena, Eneko Gil, Nagore Indakoetxe, Nera Vesga

Live images: Cerro Eñaut

Direction: Mireia Gabilondo and Igor Otxoa

Stage director: Mireia Gabilondo

Production: Igor Otxoa

Choreography: Jon Maya

Musical director: Harkaitz Martínez de San Vicente

Lighting design: Xabier Lozano

Sound Designer: Mikel F Krutzaga

Production manager: Zuriñe Goikoetxea

Costumes: Ana Turrillas



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