HERRITMO is a show that stages dance, music, song and popular sport based on the concept of balance. The music group Oreka TX, the Kukai Dance Company and the Kalakan trio have wanted to join this new challenge. With traditional elements on stage, presenting a contemporary proposal. In this sense, rural sport has been worked from an artistic perspective, turning its movements into choreographies and the utensils of our farmhouses into sound instruments. These expressions of incalculable meaning and ethnographic value have been transferred from the square to the theater, taking care of the scenography, acoustics, lighting and costumes. The objective of this new look is not to change or replace the nature of rural sports in anything, but to look at these expressions from another perspective to reflect and become interested in them.




Artistic direction: Hansel Cereza and Harkaitz Martínez de San Vicente

Stage director: Hansel Cereza

Choreographer: Jon Maya (Kukai Dance Company)

Dance: Jon Maya, Nerea Vesga, Nagore Indakoetxea, Urko Mitxelena (Kukai Dance Company) Noemi Viana and Ane Anza

Music: Mikel Ugarte, Harkaitz Mtnez de San Vicente, Iñigo Egia, Juan Jose Otxandorena and Mixel Ducau (Oreka TX)

Voices and percussion: Thierry Biscary, Xan Errotabehere and Jamixel Bereau (Kalakan)

Sound design: Mikel Fernández

Lighting design: Lluis Martí

Production manager: Nerea Ganzarain

Production: Txalap.art Productions






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