Gure musikari handiak

“Gure Musikari Handiak” is a street show that recovers some of the most famous characters of Basque popular music. It is a multidisciplinary project in which the French company Les Grandes Personnes has collaborated with professional Basque musicians. This street show recovers five historical figures from the cultural and musical heritage of Euskal Herria.


Today, we could not understand the tradition of popular music without the contributions that they themselves have made. They were essential in our popular music and thanks to their work today the folklore of Euskal Herria can understand the origin of their tradition and build the future. This show brings to life the five musicians who left us a valuable cultural legacy. These five musicians representing the Basque tradition reach the 21st century thanks to this show. This traveling show presents a popular repertoire that took to the streets 40 years ago, enlivened by a soundtrack accompanied by current events. This project includes a stay for the French company Les Grandes Personnes in the Basque Country. Together with them we have created giants that remind us of musicians who today are referents of Basque popular music. Maurizia with the tambourine, León with the alboka, Fasio with the trikitixa and Pello Zuaznabar and Ramón Goikoetxea with the txalaparta.




Promoters: Oreka TX and Lekeitio International Street Theater Festival.

Script: Patxo Telleria / Imanol Agirre

Workshop coordinator: Josu Camara (Kukubiltxo)

Musicians: Yurena Perez, Ekain Iurrebaso, Pablo Zaratiegi & Mintxo Garcia (Aittite Ttakun) and Josu Aurrekoetxea.

Artistic and musical direction: Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente (Oreka Tx)

Cast: Imanol Agirre

Puppet Building: Les Grandes Personnes y Ficticis



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