Distric Zero

Goizero bezala,

Like every morning, Maamun opens the door to his shop. It is a small white container.

Next to it is another identical container. And then another, and another.

The horizon is made up of thousands of identical containers. We are in the largest refugee camp in the world, Zaatari, in Jordan. His shop fixes mobiles.

Maamun begins to pay attention to customers. Mobile memories contain images of their past Syrian life: happiness, everyday life, family life. And then war, destruction, fear, escape. Maamun heats up images and sounds, recovers content, recharges batteries, fixes the only connection his neighbors now have to Syria. Together with his friend Karim, they have decided to offer one more service, printing images on mobile phones. Through everyday life, through conversations with neighbors and friends, we realize that no one wants to print war, that the identity of a refugee is beyond them. They want to be remembered with their Syrian identity, they want to emphasize their Syrian identity, their personal identity. The photos that are printed every day in Maamun’s shop question not only the identity of the refugees, but also ours.

Who are we? why are we here? where were we born, where are we going to die? Distric Zero Arena is a documentary film produced by Comunicacion and Txalap.art. At Oxfan Internationale and ECHO, with the support of the European Union’s Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid, they were heavily involved in production, promotion and distribution from the outset.


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