Txalap.art is a small cooperative that promotes and develops stage shows and audiovisual projects. Based on tradition, it is based on the constant innovation and development of culture.

It combines music, audiovisual and performing arts, promoting research and development towards them.

Since its inception, it has worked mainly in two areas: on the one hand, in the production, organization, management and sale of stage and musical shows; “Koklea” (2020), “Pikotailuke” (2019), Hybrid y Hybrid K (2017-2016), “Tosta” (2016), “Herritmo” (2015), “Nömadak TX” “Hostoak” (2010), “ Txalaparta Biraka ”(2012). On the other hand, in the world of audiovisuals, three major projects predominate; Documentary films “Nömadak TX”, “Walls” and “Pura Vida”.

The experience gained has been used to develop other projects and work with other producers. Txalap.art has been known for putting quality before quantity since its inception. This is and will be characteristic of its difference. To be a small producer, it has introduced products similar to large ones.